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Dec 23, 2018

December 23, 2018

Welcome to our very first radio drama, Fall of Frosty: A War on Christmas Retrospective.  This was such a fun project for all of us here at Atheists Talk, and we hope you enjoy this unique perspective on what has become an annual event or rather non-event; the war on Christmas.


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Fall of Frosty: A War on Christmas Retrospective


Executive Producer Hertzey Hertz

Script by Marissa Alexa McCool

Sound production & editing by Maddy Love



Marissa Alexa McCool as Kendra Burns & Pete Zorria

Jordan as Levi Ticcus

Stephanie as Dee Calf

Mahad as A. Postate & Colin Kapernot

Tony as Declan Halls

Molly as Annie Hausfrau

Amy as Hilla Beans

Julie as Mille Neal

Matthew as Marshall Fields & Christian Clause

Nancy as Sallie Bell

Ari as They

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