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Atheists Talk Radio Show

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Jun 29, 2008

In honor of Gay Pride events going on world-wide, Minnesota Atheists are proud to present Wayne Bensen of "Truth Wins Out," an organization which exposes the lies of ex-gay ministries. Next, we bring you Jane Bowman who has researched 515 Minnesota laws which discriminate against gay couples and their families....

Jun 22, 2008

Michael Estes and Steve Petersen talk in our first half hour about African American Freethinkers throughout history, such as Ella Baker, W.E.B.Du Bois and A. Philip Randolph. Next, we have Eric Harmon talking with Michael Estes about how religion affects the African American community.

Jun 15, 2008

Be sure to check out Evolution 2008 at the University of Minnesota this year from June 20-24. If you need convincing, just listen to Mark Borrello, Assistant Professor in History of Science at the University of Minnesota speak with Minnesota Atheists Member Lynn Fellman. Author George Erickson steps in to speak with...

Jun 8, 2008

This week, we bring you author James Kakalios who wrote "The Physics of Superheros." Look for him later this summer at CONvergence in Bloomington, MN on July 3-6. Later in the show, President of Minnesota Atheists, August Berkshire, speaks with George Kane about the problem of evil.

Jun 1, 2008

Minnesota Atheists Talk is proud to bring you Lynn Fellman talking with Mark Decker, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Minnesota and co-author of "More Than Darwin." Also on the show, we have Geroge Kane and Laura Hutt talking about Freethought Toastmasters, a great way to work on your public...