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Atheists Talk Radio Show

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Jan 28, 2013

You may know Bart Centre best under another name: Eternal Earth-Bound Pets. This was the fake business he ran that promised ongoing care for the pets of people who felt they would be swept up in the Rapture. If you've been listening to the show for a while, though, you also know Centre as the author of The Atheist...

Jan 21, 2013

Brianne Bilyeu and Carl Hancock talk with Seth Andrews - founder of The Thinking Atheist online community - about his new book, "Deconverted: A Journey from Religion to Reason".

Jan 14, 2013

If you pick up Alom Shaha's The Young Atheist's Handbook: Lessons for Living a Good Life Without God thinking you're getting a how-to book, you may be disappointed. On the other hand, you may not. While that was Shaha's original intent in writing a book, his editor persuaded him to write something much more personal....

Jan 7, 2013

Because of its complexity, many creationists see the eye as a weak point in evolutionary theory. They make an argument of irreducible complexity: that if any single part of the eye was missing it wouldn't function. Therefore, eyes must have been created in their current form - by a creator! But as Dr. Ivan R. Schwab...