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Atheists Talk Radio Show

We're live every Sunday Morning at 9:00am Central, Contact us during the show at (952) 946-6205 & listen live on AM950 KTNF or stream live  




Feb 29, 2012

Last year, psychologist Darrel Ray surveyed 10,000 atheists on their relationship to religion and sexuality. The results showed that there wasn't much difference between believers and nonbelievers--though there were large differences in the amount of guilt. Atheists who had been religious reported that they experienced...

Feb 21, 2012

If you think you've learned all you need to know about Mormonism from South Park episodes and the broadway musical, Book of Mormon, you must join us this Sunday! Atheists Talk will be interviewing author, lecturer, and secular humanist, Thomas Riskas about his book Deconstructing Mormonism: An Analysis and Assessment of...

Feb 6, 2012

Australian singer and songwriter Shelley Segal joins Atheists Talk. Songs from her new release, An Atheist Album, and discussion about her upcoming concerts at the Global Atheist Convention and the Annual American Humanists Conference, her secular activism and what inspired her to create an entire album devoted to...

Feb 1, 2012

John Grant joins Atheists Talk radio to speak with us about his newly published book, Denying Science: Conspiracy Theories, Media Distortions and the War Against Reality.