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Atheists Talk Radio Show

We're live every Sunday Morning at 9:00am Central, Contact us during the show at (952) 946-6205 & listen live on AM950 KTNF or stream live  




Jan 27, 2014

Journalist Jamila Bey joins us to talk about blind spots in the mainstream media and her new project to draw attention to challenges to the First Amendment.

Jan 19, 2014

Brianne Bilyeu speaks with Tim Wick, Molly Glover and Nick Glover, the very funny cohosts of the podcast "Geeks Without God".

Jan 13, 2014

Hemant Mehta, author of the Friendly Atheist blog and board member of Foundation Beyond Belief, joins us to talk about atheist and humanist giving--and about atheists having their contributions declined.

Jan 5, 2014

Brianne Bilyeu interviews blogger Adam Lee about his book, Daylight Atheism. They cover topics relating to atheism, humanism, harm from religion, morality and mortality.