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Atheists Talk Radio Show

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Apr 27, 2008

Hold onto your Consitutional Rights, people! Rob Boston exposes the slippery slope of providing federal funds to religious organizations. Steve Petersen and August Berkshire discuss the National Day of Prayer and the National Day of Reason. Both events will be celebrated locally at the Capitol in Saint Paul on Thursday,...

Apr 20, 2008

Lee Salisbury gives us a lesson on living Biblically, and examines passages which most Christians, if not all, either do not take literally, or choose not to follow. Coming up after Lee is Bjorn Mastiaux who is here from Germany to research members of atheist organizations.

Apr 13, 2008

PZ Myers talks about his experience with the producer for "Expelled" and explains some misconceptions about evolution which are made in the film. Lynn Fellman also stops by to describe her passion for science and art with her unique portraits called "The DNA Project."

Apr 6, 2008

Peter McGrath and Karen James from The Beagle Project call in to keep us informed about the upcoming attempt to recreate the historic voyage of the Beagle to the Galapagos.