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Aug 7, 2018

Sunday August 5, 2018

This weekend a Christian art festival was held in Greenswood, Wisconsin, Athanatos Fest.  Part of the festival included a debate between an atheist, and a long time Christian friend.  We brought the atheist on this week's show to discuss the debate, talk about himself, and because he seems like a pretty interesting fellow all around.

Dan is a British public health specialist, formerly an ED nurse and aid worker for Doctors Without Borders, he has an undergraduate degree in Philosophy, a masters in public health and a diploma in health & human rights. After achieving a philosophy degree (96-99) Dan decided he wanted to keep up the practice of debating, so he started visiting some very early internet discussion forums, and the most interesting ones were generally American. This led to some adversarial friendships developing with people (such as Tony, who is hosting the Christian Arts festival that he is here for) while Dan has stated he disagrees with Tony on about almost everything they still get on with very well, and they both have found the friendship to be valuable.