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Aug 18, 2013

PZ Myers needs no introduction to Minnesota Atheist listeners, but in the interest of form, he gets one anyway. With his solo blog, Pharyngula, and the group blog The Panda's Thumb, Myers helped to pioneer the genre of science blogs. Through his commentary on the Discovery Institute and other creationists trying to shoehorn religion into science classrooms, he also helped to pioneer atheist blogging, eventually becoming the cofounder of the most-read atheist network, FreethoughtBlogs. The Happy Atheist, Myers' new book, collects some of his most-accessible writing on the topic. From the publisher's description: Through his popular science blog,Pharyngula, PZ Myers has entertained millions of readers with his infectious love of evolutionary science and his equally infectious disdain for creationism, biblical literalism, intelligent design theory, and other products of godly illogic. In this funny and fearless book, Myers takes on the religious fanaticism of our times with the gleeful disrespect it deserves, skewering the apocalyptic fantasies, magical thinking, hypocrisies, and pseudoscientific theories advanced by religious fundamentalists of all stripes. With a healthy appreciation of the absurd, Myers not only pokes fun at the ridiculous tenets of popular religions but also highlights how the persistence of Stone Age superstitions can have dark consequences: interfering with our politics, slowing our scientific progress, and limiting freedom in our culture. Tune in this Sunday, when we talk to PZ Myers about the book and what he's accomplished as a blogger.