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Atheists Talk Radio Show

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Jun 16, 2019

June 16, 2019

This week we are joined by Mandisa Thomas, president and founder of Black Non Believers as she shares the upcoming Women of Color Beyond Belief Conference being held in Chicago this October.

May 26, 2019

May 26th, 2019

This week we have Charone Frankel from the Habeus Humor podcast to discuss the most recent wave of abortion laws limiting reproductive health in many states in the US.


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May 5, 2019

May 5th 2019

This week we are joined by Nick Fish, President of American Atheists.  Nick joins us to share what's going on with American Atheists, as well as giving us an overview of how awesome the recent American Atheists convention was in Cincinnati just a couple of weeks ago.


Apr 28, 2019


This week we chat with Tucker Drake from the Atheist in the Trailer Park podcast about the multi-verse, quantum stuff, and other weird physics that are predicted but not proven yet by science.


Apr 21, 2019

April 21, 2019

Our guest this Easter Sunday, to help celebrate the rising of the undead from their graves, the ritualistic eating of human flesh and blood, and other weird things christians do, is The Satanic Temple Minnesota.  Representing the Minnesota chapter of The Satanic Temple are co-chapter heads Ash Phenix and...