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Atheists Talk Radio Show

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Aug 22, 2010

Is there a ghost in my house? Is there a ghost in any house? What are ghosts? On this show we have a ghosthunter turned skeptic as our very own Todd Torkelson explains the answers to these questions and more. Todd spent his teens and early twenties renting "haunted" hotel rooms, leading ghost tours and investigating the paranormal in his hometown of Albuquerqe, New Mexico. Somewhere, he took a left turn and turned skeptical of the paranormal. He became skeptical of many things and is now an active member fo the Minneapolis Skeptics, the Humanists of Minnesota and the Minnesota Atheists. Todd is a speaker on the subject of skepticism; he explains how it works and how to approach claims critically. We want to know whether or not atheists are all good skeptics and whether or not all skeptics are atheists. Please listen to learn what we say is the truth.