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Dec 5, 2010

The religious despair for atheists that with nothing but science and rationality for inspiration, we can't appreciate the beauty of art, music, poetry, prose nor the weaving of a rainbow. By unweaving a rainbow, we are told that we miss out on the deepar beauty that underlies the "mystery of being." Don't try to tell that to my guests on this show. They will look at you, baffled, because they both draw inspiration for their art from the wonders of science. Lynn Fellman is a frequent guest on the show, interviewing scientists she has met through the course of her art career. She rarely gets the chance to talk about her own specialties in art and so I asked her to be an interviewee. I also asked one of my friends I haven't met, but only know through internet interactions, Glendon Mellow of Toronto, Canada. Glendon digs the artistic inspiration of fossils and trilobites. Both artists are highly inventive in the ways thet they draw science into their art and I will mostly be listening in to the conversation as Glendon and Lynn talk about atheism, science and art. Lynn Fellman is an artist bridging science and humanities through art. Working in multiple media to make complex concepts accessible, she also speaks and writes about the intersection of art and science; most recently at the "Personal Genomes" meeting at Cold Spring Harbor Lab. See examples of her work at Glendon Mellow is a freelance artist living and working in Toronto, Ontario. His work has been chosen for magazine covers and the book cover for The Open Laboratory 2008. Glendon's website: